October 25, 2012

Garritsons a family of nurses? The son testified. Take a closer look.

If you didn't follow the horrific news that back in 2012, two caregivers were caught on tape abusing our autistic son,then this won't make much sense to you, but if you a person who did follow this story, you may gain some insight....

Michael Dale Garritson a registered nurse from Valley Center, California insists he "did nothing wrong" to our autistic son, despite video evidence catching him eye gouging our son, pulling him to the ground by his hair, depriving him of water, depriving him of oxygen during a seizure and throwing him on his bed, ignoring his cries for comfort, etc... 

Oh, if U only knew the whole truth. How he and his two adult "nurse" kids slithered into our lives after a group home left our son to beat himself behind a closed door and gave us an eviction notice saying he "now needs 2:1". 

And how the 2:1 never came. And how San Diego Regional Center vendored home health agencies sent us a steady supply of nurses who were either mentally or physically unfit, leaving us scrambling. Sleep deprived. 

Running out of options....we were so vulnerable. So tired. Caught up in a system we knew very little about. We had never had nurses in our home. Never had nursing care. Nobody told us Regional Center doesn't do background checks on their independently vendored nurses. 

We were just into this confusing world as if babies thrown off a bridge and expected to swim. No behavioral plan in place. No guidance from Regional Center. How this quasi governmental state agency, charged with helping secure services, would leave us twisting in the wind. Desperate. Confused. Always in a state of emergency and ambiguity. Lies. Betrayals. Backroom meetings. Ultimately, the most delicate one among us who would take the hardest hit, within this screwed up system. 

Vulnerable families raising disabled children. Caught in a system serving disabled that had gone awry. 

That's all a sociopath nurse like Garritson wants, is an opportunity. To "look good." 

Be that 'helper' you can't find in the "system." Filled with deception and diversion. Watching. Listening. Here to help you, us, everyone.....yes, here to help the Oakleys. They saw our vulnerable state. They knew how we fought so hard for services. They knew the chaos and confusion that plagues the system serving disabled. And how it pushed parents into a corner with a target on their head. 

Oh, how vulnerable we were. How vulnerable so many people are raise severely-autistic adults/children or need care for their aging parents are.... 

To understand this insanity, you need to open your eyes. Get insight into some of the members of the Garritson family and others who share their dark spirit. 

You can start with Blake Garritson, son of Michael Garritson.  Blake worked at a nursing agency. You see,  we didn't just have Michael Garritson in our home, his his two sons were also working here, making it difficult to detect the abuse.

 I mean think about it. You've got a father and his two sons working in the same home, with a vulnerable patient and a sleep deprived and over the top stressed family. What perfect targets. 

During the criminal trial, when the prosecution showed video evidence of Michael Garritson eye gouging our son, Garritson's adults children, including the two scumbags that had worked along side their pops with our autistic son, showed NO emotion. No remorse. Just blank, cold, apathetic, dead faces. Dead, as if no soul was there. 

Faces of a new generation of sociopaths. Trained well by dear old Pops. Why was Michael Garritson ever even allowed to work as a nurse? WTF is wrong with our system that they couldn't stop this freak? Why did the Board of Registered Nurses still have this guy as a licensed RN? 

Sociopaths like Michael Garritson know who will cover for them as they abuse others. 

When Michael Garritson's two adults sons, Blake and Jarrod, also worked for us, every fucking time I asked these two mutants about injuries that our son had on their daddy's shift, I got turned in circles as if I was wrong for even asking. I can't tell you how many times Blake and Jarrod would tell me how awesome their dad was, how brilliant, what a great nurse he is. Add to it, all 3 professed to be "Christians." 

 At first, I thought these two  sons didn't know Jamey was being abused, but during the criminal trial, when they shamelessly lied on the stand about Jamey, it was clear, they always knew, and covered for their demented father. All the while attending a local church. Nobody their confronting the father, despite him insisting he did nothing wrong, even after being convicted. How can you trust a church with people's "salvation" that can't even confront a known convicted felon about his audacious unrepentant criminal behavior? Please. 

What were we thinking to be so fooled by these evil people? These pieces of garbage. How didn't we see what they were doing? Probably the same reason others don't see what sociopaths are doing, until you catch them on video surveillance or in the flesh doing it. They spin you in circles. They are masters of deception and diversion. They lie. There is no truth in them. 

The Garritsons knew how run a good con came, as if modern day gypsies. Another nurse who used to work Michael and Jarrod Garritson  said, "You don't ever want those people in your home." No shit. Thanks for telling us after the fact...

Interestingly, years ago, When Michael and Linda Garritson were on trial for MURDERing an infant, Scott Cleaveland, in their care, they played victim

Then, later, when Michael Garritson's wife, Linda Garritson was caught on camera depriving two children with disabilities of oxygen, she played victim. 

Interesting pattern of behavior. They hurt people, then play victim. 

When Michael Garritson was caught victimizing defensive animals he played victim. 

When Michael Garritson was caught abusing our autistic son on camera, he played victim.  

This is what a sociopath does. They harm you. And when you confront or expose them, they act as if you are offending or harming them. They did nothing wrong.  

Dealing with Michael Garritson, his wife and some of his adult kids, is not like dealing with normal people who make mistakes like we all do. You know that a man with a gun who breaks into your home is there to hurt you and your family. You know your drunk cousin that always swipes a 20 from your wallet is not so bad. There is no deliberate deception going on with generally broken people who do dumb things, like we all do. Ditto a gang banger. These types don't usually play psychological games. They are who they are, right up front, even if it's unpleasant. These people are less pernicious than sociopaths like the Garritsons. 

Let's take a look at Michael Garritson's past: Even the best legal strategy can't deny these facts. Even the pathetic attempt to blame the parents can't hold tight, considering if U knew anything about this fucked up system serving disabled, U would already know the truth. U would already know how vulnerable parents and their children are in a system serving disabled, how we are never told shit. Parent's cries for more help are downplayed, delayed or outright ignored.  Autistic people get killed in group homes. They get abuse in home. Agencies from Department of Health to Community Care Licensing are getting paid, and the abuse, neglect and deaths continue. Nobody's ever figured out how or why it's so out of control. 

Parents of special needs children aren't properly guided by social workers, case managers or program managers.  We are constantly left TWISTING IN THE WIND. Nobody tells you what services are available or the quality of what you get. Michael Garritson was first sent to our home via San Diego Regional Center's Service Provider Nursing Vendor List. Nobody did a background check on him at Regional Center. 

Here's RN Michael Garritson's past: 

Baby Sitter to Be Tried as Accessory to Murder : D.A. Won't Seek Slaying Conviction Against Woman, Contends Her Husband Killed Boy

"The prosecution claims that despite Linda Garritson's admission that six years ago she killed the boy, Scott Cleveland, it actually was her husband, Michael Garritson, who killed the child."

April 25, 1985|JERRY HICKS | Times Staff Writer

http://www.englishtoyspan.net/Prelim_Hearing.htm Michael Garrison convicted of FELONY animal abuse

Nurse Michael Garritson convicted of felony abuse of our autistic son has a shocking history of preying on people and animals that can't defend themselves. How this man still had an active nursing license illuminates a serious problem in our state system serving disabled.

Prior news reports on Michael and Linda Garritson:

Award Winning Non-Fiction Blogs - BlogCatalog Blog DirectoryCouple Accused of Cover-Up in Child's Death

April 04, 1985|JERRY HICKS | Times Staff Writer
A prosecutor Wednesday accused Michael and Linda Garritson of conspiracy to cover up the 1979 murder of a 13-month-old boy they were caring for at their Anaheim home by trying to exonerate each other.
The article also says Michael Garritson PAID for false testimony so he could get away with murdering an innocent child and go on with his life. After the trial he claimed he was, as "innocent as hell." 
 Must have been a Freudian slip....

Later, Michael Garritson was convicted of animal cruelty charge,  but the Judge in this case, let him keep his nursing license.

The Judge was probably conned and swooned by the Stockholm Syndrome plagued Garritson clan pleading for their psycho pops. Just like Eva Knott, a waste of a woman, a stone cold apathetic, bitter, half-baked journalist for San Diego Reader, who showed NO EMPATHY for our abused autistic son. And showed incredible journalistic bias, siding with the abusers of an autistic person during the entire trial. Thanks San Diego Reader--for revealing the anti-autism, pro-autism bullying, pro-animal abuser face of the San Diego Reader. It won't be forgotten.

Here's some good background on Michael Garritson's animal cruelty case:

Puppy mill - 160 dogs seized
Valley Center, CA (US)

Incident Date: Tuesday, May 21, 2002
County: San Diego

Charges: Felony CTA
Disposition: Convicted
Case Images: 18 files available


Over 100 of Garritson's dogs had discharge from their eyes and/or abrasions. Others had "been ailing from malnutrition and had open eyeball wounds." 

That's interesting considering we see Michael Garritson eye gouging his autistic patient over and over and over again in video surveillance. Is this Garritson's thing? 
Eye poking animals and people

News stories stated [the eye wounds] were not the typical drainage some Spaniels get but were purulent. Vets and Ophthalmologists treated them. Further news reports detailing Garritson's animal cruelty case said,

"In another area, were four bitches with their pups. There was no water.  (Interesting, because we see on camera that Garritson was withholding water from our autistic son)....Bowls were turned over and there was feces and trash around.“The fourth crate had one pup with urine soaked bedding, it was a tan and white pup that was unresponsive she had to check it to see if it was alive. She handed the pup to Dave Johnson the Director of Medical Services for the Dept. of Animal Control. The pup had messy coat, head was large, some type of eye injury and discharge from the eye and nose. No water. Some type of eye injury.

The puppy's skin was scalded from urine on the underside. The pup was sent to a Vet and had to be euthanized.”When asked by the D.A. about the Internet web site for his kennel, Michael Garritson said his son started that without his knowledge. He blamed his own son!

Read more of Garritson's prior animal abuse case: http://www.englishtoyspan.net/Prelim_Hearing.htm

There is a known link between animal abuse and human abuse

California does not list prior convictions of animal cruelty or abuse as a disqualifying factor in obtaining a nursing license. California doesn't list a conviction of animal abuse as a crime of moral turpitude. 

Read more: Puppy mill - 160 dogs seized - Valley Center, CA | Pet-Abuse.Com Animal Cruelty Database http://www.pet-abuse.com/cases/1034/CA/US/#ixzz2EtaoRywY

Suspicious murder of an infant. Convicted of animal Cruelty. The wife, while working as a nurse, later caught on tape depriving disabled children breathing treatments. Her  husband later caught on tape abusing our autistic son. 9000 people working in government agencies serving disabled and nobody caught this? Thanks. 

The sheer madness of it all.

Garritson's are a family of nurses, write Eva Knott, a total waste of a woman. Too bad Eva Knott held back from the San Diego Readers that Michael Garritson's wife, Linda Garritson, part of the wonderful "Garritsons are a family of nurses" lost her nursing license after she was caught on camera depriving two disabled children breathing treatments. Or about that murder trial where an infant had his skull crushed. But why would Eva, when Eva was committed to doing the then defense attorney, Michael Washington a favor? Like a desperate school girl, Eva wanted to impress Mr. Washington. Pathetic.

It was later discovered that Eva once commented on Defense Attorney Michael Washington's daughter's article that she wrote for the San Diego Reader.

Aint that sweet.

Nice to see the San Diego Reader employs a crime writer who supported an animal abuser and baby killer and abuser of autistic people. Awesome.

Yes, we discovered that public defender, Michael Washington's daughter, "Cynthia" wrote an article about her daddy, the public defender, in 2010, and, lo and behold, Eva Knott, the San Diego Reader crime write commented on this article, so we now know WHY Eva wrote incredibly slanted articles for the San Diego Reader about the criminal trial involving our autistic son being abused. Now it all makes sense.

Source: San Diego Reader. Article, "If I Could Have, I Would Have Lived at the Ballet Studio". 


Another shocking discovery: During the trial a San Diego Regional Center case manager named Lori S, discovered in a (subpoenaed) email, MOCKED the use of our "nanny cam" which was key in catching the abusers of our son.

Lori is a case manager at San Diego Regional Center.

What kind of mental case social worker is working at an agency serving disabled, who thinks it's OK to MOCK the very nanny cam that caught the abusers of a vulnerable adult regional center consumer? Do you see what parents have to deal with here? The kind of low class shitbags that we must deal with on a daily basis?

Mindboggling. Just like the moron of a girl who was driving recklessly and merged into our lane during this time and took zero responsibility for her reckless actions of almost causing us to go HEAD on with another car in the opposite lane. Her reckless merging was caught on tape.  As were her half asleep eyeballs. Or was it "vertigo?"  Wok. Parents of autistic people are sick to death of other people's bullying and passive aggressive bullshit. Be prepared to be confronted when you recklessly merge and almost push an autistic person and his parent off the road into oncoming traffic. Duh. And how lovely to comment on this particular page on this late date. It reveals who you really are. And what your agenda is. 

Genesis 50:20Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)

"You meant to do harm, but God meant it for good — so that it would come about as it is today, with many (vulnerable) people’s lives being saved."

October 1, 2012

Some California Regional Centers Failing Disabled Population

Award Winning Non-Fiction Blogs - BlogCatalog Blog DirectoryCalifornia Regional Centers Helping Disabled? Not really.

Consider the following news article: http://www.sfgate.com/news/article/Agencies-For-Disabled-In-Disarray-State-slow-to-2830900.php

"California's 21 Regional Center System has been under intense scrutiny this year because of its role in a controversial state policy that has transferred more than 2,000 state hospital residents, most of them severely disabled, into community homes. The policy has been linked with dozens of DEATHS and medical emergencies."   

State legislators have repeatedly heard the California Regional Center system has lost sight of its mission. 

In reports and audits submitted to the Legislature in 1976 and in 1988, investigators cited a pattern of problems: 

"ABUSES OF POWER, high turnover among social workers, poor accounting practices and chronic budget deficits. 

"Problems persisted into the 1990s, with many regional centers blaming their failures on a lack of funds "(...they've been blaming professional personal failures to help disabled on a manufactured phony budget crisis for years... )

As early as 2016, California has received MORE funding than ever to help citizens with developmental disabilities. 

So let's be honest. We know by now this manipulative budget crisis BS is a scam, right? 

There is no budget crisis. What we have is a crisis in mismanaging funds intended to go to vulnerable citizens. 
And of course we are smart enough to know that by the time any of this allocated money gets to DIRECT CARE AND Appropriation of funding for people with autism or any other special need, top level management has already BOOKED THEIR NEXT five star hotel and flight for another weekend SEMINAR, symposium, workshop, etc...where they meet with others who waltz around, cling wine glasses and talk about nothing relevant to the direct care needs or services of people suffering right freaking NOW. 

How about hold an How to do a proper INVESTIGATION of corruption inside California Regional Centers seminar. Teach people to penetrate this compromised and corrupt system. 

Here's an example of the fraudulent BS that San Diego Regional Center puts out:

Every freaking year the Executive Director tells the public 

"The current total of 234 vendored nurses and 20 Home Health Agencies is sufficient to meet the respite needs of SDRC clients". And yet, month after month, year after year, PARENTS OF San Diego Regional Center are revealing that they ARE NOT getting the respite or nursing services listed on their children's IPPS. Obviously, something's wrong here. And it's being ignored.

 NOBODY IS ANALYZING serious chronic problems plaguing this system serving disabled.  Any investigation that does goes on independent or investigated by others paid by the same funding source, as in case of Department of Developmental Services investigating Regional Centers, or Office of Client's Rights told to sign agreements NOT to appeal any Administrative Ruling a parent loses. Totally compromised. 

Aforementioned news article went on to say, "..since 1990, the system's budget has grown twice as fast as the disabled population in the community..."
Again: Here's the Source: http://www.sfgate.com/news/article/Agencies-For-Disabled-In-Disarray-State-slow-to-2830900.php
 21 Regional Centers controlling BILLIONS of dollars in tax-payer money, allegedly to "help" California's vulnerable developmentally disabled citizens.  And when we dig, we find this: 

corruption: http://www.kerngoldenempire.com/news/top-stories/kern-regional-center-gets-bad-report-from-state

REDWOOD COAST REGIONAL CENTER, 2014, a regional center employee advocates throwing disabled client into street: http://lostcoastoutpost.com/2014/may/9/fortuna-care-home-owner-accuses-regional-center-fo/

NORTH BAY REGIONAL CENTER: 2003A nonprofit company that provides an array of services for disabled residents in Napa County is being sued by its former transportation contractor for more than $100,000 for allegedly failing to pay for past services.http://napavalleyregister.com/news/north-bay-regional-center-sued/article_5d77a6f3-dc3e-5a86-8e7f-08434a51c8ee.html

SAN DIEGO REGIONAL CENTER 2006 sued for DISCRIMINATION against their (of all things) DISABLED employees: 

INLAND REGIONAL CENTER sued 2012. News article Written by Janet Zimmerman of the Press Enterprise, 6/17/12

REGION: Employee with autistic son sues Inland Regional Center


REGIONAL CENTER OF ORANGE COUNTY, 2008, allegations of Former Executive Director, William Bowman, short-changing disabled clients, bullying advocates, denying services to autistic clients:

ALL 21 Regional Centers, 2010, answering to nobody how they spend billions of tax-payer funded money to allegedly "help" disabled citizens:


If U dig deep, U will find the most corrupt Regional Centers work the hardest to preserve their IMAGE. 
For instance,  the strange situation of San Diego Regional Center attorney, Ronald R House who accepts the award for "TOP LAWYER" for developmentally disabled in San Diego Magazine every year, but in fact, is NOT an attorney who fights FOR developmentally disabled clients, but rather AGAINST them in Administrative Law Fair Hearings. 

 Yes sir. Mr. Ron House is a San Diego Regional Center (SDRC) employed in-house "vendored" lawyer whose main job is to represent SDRC at Office of Administrative Hearings and fight against families advocating for services  for their developmentally disabled children. Yes, fight AGAINST helping disabled. That's his job. IN essence, he's NOT an attorney you could hire who would represent your child with disabilities to help fight against a regional center. 

Yet, we find Ron House awarded the "TOP LAWYER" for developmentally disabled in the San Diego Magazine, 2014. (See http://www.sandiegomagazine.com/San-Diego-Magazine/March-2014/2014-Top-Lawyers/)

If this isn't the height of irony, stupidity and a case study in a Regional Center's fall into delusions of grandeur and nefarious NARCISSISM, I don't know what is. 

The truth is: 
Ronald R House is the OPPOSING lawyer, who represents San Diego Regional Center, when Disability Right's Attorney's or parents with no lawyer appear on behalf of vulnerable developmentally disabled SDRC consumers. Yes indeedy, he is the attorney who fights against the disabled clients, as do ALL the "in house" vendored attorneys working for all 21 Regional centers do. 

How could San Diego Magazine make such an almost comical mistake? 

2009: TWO Regional Centers (Harbor and San Diego Regional) failed to monitor my son, Jamey, inside his ICF-DDH group home. I recall one time I phoned to check up on him, and the person couldn't understand English. I don't speak Illicano. I wish I could, but since I don't, I couldn't get a straight answer on how my son was doing. Then the caregiver hung up on me. I had to call the Long Beach Cops to check on the group home. I complained and complained. Nobody at San Diego Regional Center or Harbor Regional Center listened. I kept saying my son needed 1:1, and still, nobody listened. 

 Months go on and Jamey ends up injured at this group home in January of 2009 because a 1:1 wasn't assigned to help protect him. Of course the Dept of Health found no wrong doing, despite the ONE caregiver on duty for SIX teens,  falling asleep and leaving my autistic son alone in the room to beat himself behind a closed door. U have to realize that these supervising agencies like Dept of Health and Human Services, Dept of Community Care Licensing, and Centers for Medicaid purposely don't find "deficiencies" so they don't have to do anything. It's all a sham. Nobody is investigating shit unless it goes on the news. 
  • Yes, the sole caregiver on duty for 6 disabled adults the night of injury had “fallen asleep”. And the Dept. of Health investigator found no wrong doing. No citation issued. Nobody held accountable. Just sweep another injury of another disabled person in a state run facility under the table and hope nobody ever mentions this again.....
  • So despite left unsupervised in his room, Jamey punching himself until he suffered a hematoma to his ear, which required emergency surgery to repair, nobody did shit about it. And despite the group home staff tried to cover up injury by sending him to SCHOOL with a helmet covering wound. Thank God A school nurse called and alerted me about injury. (we will later discover in 2013 that Harbor Regional Center BLAMED the school for the injury, even though the injury happened at the ICF DDH). Harbor did this because we had REPEATEDLY warned Harbor Regional Center and San Diego Regional Center that our son needed a 1:1 in the group home.  They said ON PAPER he was getting 1:1, which was a lie, since the 1:1 was really being pulled from regular staff. Everything that's happened to us in this system has taught us painful lessons I want to save other parents from having to suffer through.

  • That's one reason I'm so vocal about what scumbags exist in this corrupt system allegedly "serving developmentally disabled." I'm tired of the repeated pain and betrayal from these agencies that pretend to be there to help your autistic child when in fact they spend most of their money on everything BUT helping families raising developmentally disabled children. 

  • As a result of this injury, we, the parents, in 2009, pull Jamey from this ICF-DDH. 
  • I demand an investigation of ICF-DDH. Meanwhile, I do my own. 
  • As aforementioned, the state finds “no wrongdoing” on part of group home. 
  • San Diego Regional Center ( SDRC), takes no accountability for lying to us about their promise to deliver 1:1 in his group home. SDRC purposely didn't write in our son's IPP that he would get a 1:1, which forced group home staff to pull the 1:1 promised to Jamey, from regular staff. Lesson: The IPP (individual program plan) is NOT WHAT YOU THINK IT IS or what the REGIONAL Center tells you it is. We would later discover that the Associate Case Managers and Program Managers and In House Attorneys COACH the "service coordinators" what to write into the IPP so the parent's won't have a legal argument to ask for services they say their child needs. Another lesson: DO NOT ever sign an IPP that a service coordinator brings to you that is BLANK. The Regional Center will try and get you to sign this BLANK IPP and LIE to you that they will later fill it out with what you said your son or daughter needs. If U sign this BLANK IPP, they will write whatever they want into it and then make you go back 12 times to various meetings to discuss "changes you want to the IPP." 

  • We later discover the “investigating nurse” from Dept. of Health, that investigated our son's injury, lived next door to the nurse in charge of group home where our son got injured. How convenient. No wonder there was no wrongoing found. There's a  lot of those good buddy relationships in the system serving disabled. And a ton of cover ups of injuries to disabled because of these "good buddy" relationships and chronic conflicts of interests.  
  • Meanwhile, emergency surgery to our son's ear spiraled into a nightmare health crisis, where pain from surgery and medications given at hospital for surgery led to our son refusing to eat and doctors suggesting he needed a feeding tube. Talk about a domino effect....
  • During all this, we would bring healthy foods to hospital, because as we all know, hospital food--though improving--isn't best for healing. 
  • Doctors kept warning Jamey may need a feeding tube!! Anyone with a severely-autistic child knows that a feeding tube is risky. Jamey could pull it out. Or it could elicit discomfort and trigger constant self-injurious behavior, or it could become infected...God help us....
  • We managed to avoid G-tube, by continually supplying Jamey with super healthy foods and drinks (kefir, green drinks and carrot juice).
  • Meanwhile, Jamey back home now, we began calling San Diego Regional Center and advocating for in-home nursing care, especially in light of ICF-DDH declaring that Jamey “now required 2:1 care," which is true, since 2:1 care most of the time, is what his doctors say he needs, but the state keeps ignoring. And has, for years, forcing us to fight them every year on the same obvious issue, as they sit there and chew on their erasers. 

  • We eventually sought help from Disability Right’s Attorneys. We go before a nice Administrative Judge who has compassion, wisdom and discernment. She saw through the Regional Center's bull shit. We were lucky. Not all Judge's discern this. Some think Regional Centers are just trying to help the family and are willing and able to help. They have no clue what goes on behind the scenes...Or what vicious passive aggressive arrogant scumbags some of these ego maniac decision making regional center employees can be. The service coordinators are usually the nicest and most compassionate,.....but they have little if any power to advocate for the regional center client. If they do, they're immediately shut down, as in the case of the Inland Regional Center Employee who dared to advocate for her own autistic son.
  • So, we get some temporary in home nursing hours. 
  • San Diego Regional Center then employs Michael Dale Garritson to work as an LVN on their independent LVN list.  These independent LVNs are Licensed Vocational Nurses that are "vendored" to provide services to the disabled clients who receive regional center services.
  •  Unbeknownst to us, the San Diego Regional Centers did not ask their LVNs for a criminal background clearance before getting hired, nor did they do a background check on the nurses they put on their LVN list. Parents then assume if a Regional Center would hire a nurse to work with your child, they have done a basic criminal check. This is an agency who prides itself on advocating and protecting disabled, after all, right? Even home health agencies do criminal background checks on their 9 buck an hour employees, so you'd think the Regional Center would do one on a nurse they're paying upwards of 28 bucks an hour to, right? Wrong. I guess it doesn't matter when you're a state and federally funded agency. Ah, collateral damage. We'll just roll the dice. These parents should be grateful we're providing anything for their disabled children. 
  • In 2009, while on SDRC's Independent LVN list, SDRC paid Garritson over 6,000 dollars to work with Jamey. At the time, we knew nothing about Garritson's past animal cruelty or murder of an infant in his care case. 
  •   Again, SDRC doesn't do background checks on the nurses they have on their Independent Nursing Vendor list, so they didn't know either. Had they done a criminal check, we would've been told, this guy can't work with your son. Not assume he was okay to work with our son after going through orientation with SDRC and getting hired. 
  • In 2010 we take San Diego Regional Center (SDRC) to an Administrative Law Hearing and ask for in home nursing care LVN and CNA to help keep Jamey home. We will later discover there will be few if any LVNs and CNA's who can mentally or physically handle Jamey. So we start asking for more male LVNs and CNA, due to their strength to handle Jamey. 
  • After several battles with San Diego Regional Center, we again win more in-home nursing hours. And I'm given the option to be a parent vendor, because SDRC has screwed up so many times in securing the nursing supports a Judge ordered for our son, I have to become a parent vendor, an ambiguous, convoluted nightmare that I wouldn't wish on any parent of a disabled child. Don't do it. DO NOT BECOME A PARENT VENDOR or let them con you into becoming part of the new "Self-Determination" bs, it's a Regional Center's way of transferring their duties and responsibility to secure services under the Lanterman Act, ONTO the already stressed out parents, so the parents can be saddled with all sorts of shit these Regional Centers will NEVER warn these parents about. What's odd is that the Regional Center will still get federal money for your child, while they want you to do their job of securing services, etc...don't be fooled, because when the Regional Center screws up, when the shit hits the fan, the Regional Center will attempt to throw the parents under the bus, as seen in several administrative law cases where the poor parents are crushed and confused under the burden of this nightmare parent vendor situation. 
  • Administrative Judges who oversee these Regional Center Fair Hearings are not always privy to the nasty crap that goes on inside these regional center systems. The abuse of power. The HIPPA violations. The rampant incompetence of decision makers inside regional centers. Decision makers who have ZERO experience or knowledge about the medical and behavioral needs of severely autistic clients. 
  • The funding itself is completely baffling. Different pay scales. Purchase of services that don't make sense. LVN vs CNA rate. LVN's who are getting paid at CNA rates. Medi-cal rates changing. SDRC never explaining anything properly. Failing to case manage. Agency rate vs Individual SDRC LVN rate. Very confusing. And nobody from SDRC seems to know a damn thing when you ask them for clarification or direction. Always a different form, or wrong form sent to fill in, and then someone loses it and sends you another wrong form. 
  • And don't expect to call someone at SDRC and get an answer. Everyone there is either on vacation, out to lunch, in a meeting, sick or attending a seminar. If you dare to ask them why they aren't doing their job, expect to be retaliated against in covert manners. And expect them to act shocked that you know they are retaliating. They always deny it. Hiding behind a color of authority. And mask of sanity. 
  • So now, we've got some nursing and we're thinking things are going to better, right? Oh, were we wrong. The mass confusion continued.... 
  • San Diego Regional Center has written into agreement that we must supply certified nurse assistant (CNA) and Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) level of care, at certain times, though we would later discover nobody can predict when a nurse agency has an LVN or CNA available, and even when you do find one, it can take WEEKS to get someone from Regional Center to phone you back and AUTHORIZE what's called a POS (purchase of service) for the hours you need them! 
  • THEN, we will much later discover, the Regional Center told us to hire CNAs even though it's  apparently illegal for a CNA to work outside a hosptial without being a CHHA. Yes, SDRC is seen in their own notes telling us to "hire CNAs". Didn't they know the law on CNAs working independently?  And if the CNA comes through the home health agency, they MUST be a CHHA, not a CNA, even though the few CNAs sent to us through the SDRC's vendored home health agencies were not CHHAs and one CNA wasn't even licensed at all. And one CNA showed up drunk. Another arrived and told us he had the use of only one leg. How is a CNA with the use of ONE damn leg going to bathe, diaper change or walk our autistic son safely? 
  • San Diego Regional Center Home Health Agencies have a terrible habit of sending out any ole LVN available, without the slightest consideration of matching the nurse to your child's unique needs. Very dangerous. 
  • Over and over again, we were sent LVN’s that couldn’t handle Jamey, and as such were causing us more stress, confusion and disappointment. LVN's on Xanax. LVN's who didn't show up. Showed up late. LVN's who were 4'11" and couldn't physically handle Jamey, though in any other nursing job with developmentally disabled adults, you must be able to physically handle the job, so you would think that if you're an agency that KNOWS you are dealing with the unique DEVELOPMENTALLY DISABLED POPULATION and you have a severely autistic client who needs someone to be able to physically handle his unique needs, you'd have enough sense to make sure the LVNs that were sent to the client were able to actually handle the client. Not just send out any old warm body with an LVN license.

  • SDRC, like some other Regional Centers, is not what you think it is. For instance, the phony task force that SDRC Executive Director Carlos Flores sits on, is a joke, because let's be honest, it's 2014, and if you haven't YET figured out how to help disabled consumers with "complex needs", you need to find another job. Go home. Quit lying to the public that know what the hell you're doing. Nobody at SDRC should be getting paid $250,000 a year, and jetting around California, and staying at 4 star hotels, who still can't figure out how to deal with the complex needs of special needs people. 

  • More interesting facts: San Diego Regional Center pays vendored nursing agencies the lowest reimbursement rates, which is medi-cal rate, which means these agencies then recruit and hire nurses who don’t get paid much, because the agency isn't re-imbursed much. Regional Center can get around this by having a vendored LVN work off their list work, since they're independent contractors. That way the LVN gets the rate the Home Health Agency would get, but without the home health agency there is no written plan of care or RN supervision provided to an SDRC vendored LVN. Nor any criminal clearance. 

  •  Another glitch in system: families who get services from Regional Centers are further limited to ONE nurse agency, as according to San Diego Regional Center,  nursing agencies “don’t share cases" (apparently it's a liability issue, where one agency doesn't want another agency blaming their nurse for something). We had to find this out much later, the hard way, as nobody from SDRC told us in the beginning. And how the hell would we know, if we've never had nursing care before? Of course, like every agency that avoids responsibility, Regional Center's answer to this mess is they don't provide nursing services, even though they do provide nursing services. And other families have won nursing services. And home care nursing services are a service a severely autistic person is entitled to, as per their unique needs, under the Lanterman Act. 
  • Nursing agencies that are vendored with San Diego Regional Center. Let's start with Dependable Nursing, a name unfit for the service provided, to wit, they supplied us with several LVN’s that couldn’t handle Jamey, as in a 5'1 female on xanax, an LVN who was chronically late and mixed up Jamey's medications, an unlicensed CNA (whom they lied to Regional Center about) an LVN who left her shift early and Jamey fell and got a swollen, bruised nose. When I wrote the agency and told them I was sick of their bull shit, they dropped the case because I used foul language. Don't you love it when you confront someone who has done something disgustingly wrong and the only thing they can focus on is your righteous use of a swear word?  
  • That's a sure sign of a mental case who can't handle confrontation or being exposed for patient neglect, and shouldn't be serving disabled populations, just so you know. Red flag UR dealing with a major dipshit. 
  • San Diego Regional Center downplayed this unlicensed CNA, and the LVN who mixed up medications and the LVNs who were late, didn't show up and left a shift early resulting in Jamey getting injured, as if we are all living in the Twilight Zone. SDRC pretended “they don’t know about this” even though we told our son’s case worker at Regional Center and the agency knew about this, but covered it up, because that is what they do. Cover shit up and attack the parents, because we're mostly easy targets. We're tired. We're depressed. We're trying to get through the day, dealing with rare and not so rare medical conditions, seizures, self injurious behaviors, the dread of another illness, another injury, another disappointment....and these Regional Centers know this and take advantage of our vulnerability as parents of disabled children and adults and this is inhumane. Just wrong on so many levels.
  • And then we got another surprise. After we won some nursing care hours, we discover we will not control a dime of it. All the money will be controlled by SDRC, even though the Administrative Judge awarded our son home nursing care. Hence, we had no control over re-imbursing an independent nurse or vendored nurse agency who got screwed or otherwise hindered in providing our son nursing care, by the inaction or inefficiencies within San Diego Regional Center. 
  • We also discover that the amount we were awarded is FAR LESS than what it will take to provide the nursing care our son's doctors say his level of care requires. Now what?
  • To add insult to injury, we are confused as to why San Diego Regional Center would fight us so hard on home care nursing hours, when after we discover it costs over a hundred thousand dollars more      to place our autistic son in a state institution like Fairview State Developmental Center. San Diego Regional Center was willing to pay a group home 9,000 a month for his BASIC placement, AND on top of that, provide "supplemental services" of 2:1 nursing care 24/7, which would be about $500,000 a year. So 500,000 a year plus 9,000 x 12 months=a lot more than what we asked for 24/7 1:1 nursing care. 
  • Even when we asked for 2:1 care just on the weekends it was under the amount SDRC was willing to pay STRANGERS in a group home, who have NO experience dealing with severely autistic people who have seizures and self injurious behavior. Again, the ignorance of SDRC should be criminal. It hurts disabled people who can't speak for themselves. And leaves parent to constantly fight and fight and fight for the most obvious services they need. You can't just throw a severely autistic person into a group home that has no experience or expertise in handling such a complex case. Just so ignorant. And reckless. 
  • What really happens when San Diego Regional Center places a severely-disabled consumer is they immediately get a chemical lobotomy. Yep. That's what happens. In the group home they go and the next you know, the disabled person is spaced on on 3 anti-psychotics instead of given the behavioral and nursing supports they needed to remain in the least restrictive setting, at home. And as they sit, spaced out, drooling, gaining weight in the corner of a room they call a group home, the Regional Center will write tons of papers saying how great they are doing. 
  • Aside from cost of home care vs. state institutional care, recall the case of a severely-autistic man who was allegedly murdered at Fairview State Hospital: http://www.nbcsandiego.com/news/health/Death-State-Run-Facility-Van-Ingraham-Proposed-Law-151547115.html
  • So time rolls on and finding nurses is a constant challenge. We have to rely on the nurses that were first introduced to us through the San Diego Regional Center LVN list. 
  • So months go by, and Jamey's medical  and behavioral needs are increasing, and we begin to suspect Mike Garritson isn’t as great of a nurse as we’ve been led to believe, and yet we are still faced with NO nursing agency supplying us with a pool of nurses to cover uncovered shifts and the whole mess is confusing, since Garritson's son, Jarrod is caring, and continually praises the dad (MG) as being a great nurse, but we think it's odd that Jarrod, a 30 year old man still says, in a child's voice, "I love you daddy" when he's talking to his daddy on the phone. Looking back, it is quite weird. Now it all makes sense. 
  • We don't know what, but something isn't quite right with the Garritsons. We place a baby monitor in our son’s room. It’s real time. Doesn’t record. Never caught nurses abusing Jamey on it (probably because we'd only look at it for a few minutes here and there) though we did once capture a CNA, Craig D, leaving our son in his room, while he helped himself to our TV controls, plopped down, hooked up his personal video games, and played video games all night. 
  • Several months later, we are alerted to a Google search on Garritson, revealing he has a sketchy past, but no felony convictions, yet Board of Registered Nursing says his license is CLEAR. Also, other nurse agency he works at says he's the best nurse they've ever had, so we figured since he was on San Diego Regional Center's Independent Nurse Respite List, surely they checked him out, right? But then again, since his license is clear, even SDRC couldn't have removed him from their list for a news clip of his past. It is possible people change, right? Aren't we suppose to forgive people and not judge? We will soon learn the hard way, some people don't change and you must watch what they do so they don't keep hurting people, as in Michael Garritson's case. The entire thing is very confusing. We have suffered so much stress, for so long, from so many angles, with so little relief, we are clearly not able to discern this evil man in our home.  
  • As we go back and forth regarding what is wrong with Michael Garritson, we begin to cut his shifts down. Garritson wasn’t happy about this. Probably one of his motives for starting to abuse Jamey. He protests. Tells my husband and me that he is worth more money and has extensive “experience and nursing skills.” Then he tries to shame us into giving him more shifts by saying "don't you care about the safety of your son?". 'These other nurses can't handle all his needs.' He reminds us he worked in neurology. We aren't impressed since he hasn't shown us his great nursing skills. We cut his shifts. He then wanted more pay. Told us it was hard for him "to make a living", as if he were living off us. 
  • I told him make a living somewhere else if he wasn't happy here. He stayed. The money wasn't in our control. Dept. of Disabilities sets the rates. And the money awarded wasn't even enough to cover the 24 hours of 1:1 nursing care our son desperately needed.
  • So Michael Garritson remained as an Independent Nurse through Regional Center then later jumped to the parent vendor. We aren't sure why he jumped. SDRC won't tell us. We wonder if they knew he was a bad nurse and cut him loose on our parent vendor to shift the focus off them having him on the SDRC nurse vendor list. We wonder this, because ever since Garritson was caught on tape abusing our son, SDRC's attorney has FAILED TO MENTION to every state and county agency about Michael Garritson first being on their LVN list. 
  • At same time, MG was also working for two other agencies (Maxim and First Stat). Garritson in fact did work a FEW shifts with Jamey, through Maxim.
  • Michael Garritson later left Maxim for unknown reasons. He remained with First Stat, however, up until he was arrested in Sept, 2012, working another case with another patient.
  • Recall First Stat is the agency that told me Michael Garritson was a “great nurse.” Maxim made no such claim
    • In 2010, yet another Garritson comes on board to help. Now we have three of these family members in our home. Blake Garritson does the M-F shift, which helps keep Jamey in school. Blake seemed like a good nurse, but we will later see in his dad's trial, Blake is mentally ill and will lie on stand to cover up for his equally mentally ill father. Michael Garritson's actions caught on camera in Summer of 2012, will end the nursing relationship between Blake and our family. And the one who suffers again will be Jamey. A
    • Not once after we discover Jamey was being abused by Garritson do we hear ONCE ounce of compassion or concern from anyone at SDRC. NOTHING. Just cold silence, as the top levels work feverishly to build a protective cover. Their strategy will slowly backfire, because when you care more about your reputation than you do seeking justice and providing support for a vulnerable disabled person who was mercilessly abused, your life will be cursed. I would like to think someone over there has some feelings, but from what I know, and there's plenty I have not told you, these are not good people. If you knew some of the shit some of these closet weirdos did to try and hurt parents who advocate for their disabled children, it would make you grab your stomach and vomit. They are not above trying to use their power to sabotage your child's respite or nursing care, by the way. And that's just one way they try to hurt parents. But more and more parents are onto their games. And are tired of playing civil, when we know the evil crap they've done to hurt us and our children. It's bad enough to get hurt by trusted caregivers, but to discover the agency charged with helping your child is in the same league, is truly mind-blowing. 
  • Meanwhile, back up to 2010. When we were still having trouble finding weekend coverage. Because there are no LVN's or CNA's available from any Regional Center approved vendor agency, because San Diego Regional Center has never taken the time--despite having a million different employees getting paid to do God knows what--- to ensure that SDRC clients who need nursing services have appropriate nursing services, we end up with a medical assistant, Matthew McDuffie, who can help. Thank God, we're thinking....we so needed more help! And we can't depend on this agency that gets federal and state funds to supposedly "HELP" the disabled. 
  • McDuffie will later be caught on camera abusing Jamey during the same month Garritson is caught. 
  • Looking back, after Michael Garritson and Matthew McDuffie come to work for us, we notice Jamey had many baffling, strange ups and downs. Because he's severely-autistic we aren't sure what's going on, but something isn't quite right and I can never pinpoint it, as if we're stuck inside a maze of confusion. Oppression. Something dark has invaded our lives. Something not human. Time marches on. Too much happening to go into here. Fast foward to July of 2012, I discover baby monitor I’ve had in Jamey’s room, has had its cord cut. The monitor is ruined. We confront nurses.  All deny cutting it
  •  Michael Garritson is on Tuesday night shift, some Thursdays 
  • Matthew McDuffie is working weekend day shifts
  •  After baby monitor is cut, I wonder why would someone cut it and get an overwhelming inner urge to buy video surveillance that records
  • It's running and recording for only a month before we look at video clips and are horrified at what we discover. We call police.  
  • As this case goes public, and there is a media blow up over it, multiple agencies invade our lives to make it appear as if they are protecting Jamey when we all know this is a total joke. I can just see all the intra-agency chatter that took place after the news broke and all the cubicle dwelling do nothing gooders who never did anything for years for Jamey, jumping in their cars to come and have a look at Jamey so they can write a report and make it look like they care. It's beyond ridiculous. 
  • And SDRC, in an attempt to make it look like they were doing something, sends us another list of Vendored Individual Respite Nurses, and from list only one LVN comes through, and he can only work ONE night a week. SDRC takes no responsibility for approving Michael Garritson to first come work with Jamey. 
  • The purpose of this presentation of insanity within system serving disabled is to give public an INSIDE look at how difficult California Regional Centers make it for families to find and retain decent caregivers. And the state is doing little, if anything, to correct this. In fact, when we reminded SDRC they first sent us Michael Garritson, three days later, a woman came to our gate to "audit" our nursing care. 
  • The sensible solution would be for San Diego Regional Center to fix this unreliable system of supplying LVN’s and CNAs to families who have WON in home LVN and CNA nursing supports, They don't fix things. They just have more meetings. 
  • SDRC's repeated failure to help supply consumers of Regional Center services, with decent home health services has caused undue stress and burden on families. 
  • One must honestly ask: What MOTIVE does San Diego Regional Center and other regional centers have to SUPPLY families with proper in home supports? The more nurses come to fill shifts, the more money SDRC pays out, right? So there is no incentive for SDRC to make the nursing support work.
  • So, if some San Diego Regional Center employees (usually upper management) continually sabotage, attack, undermine or otherwise fail to help families find adequate in home care services, whether it’s LVN, CNA or whatever  level of respite care, then the family is left with inadequate care, and that’s when the lovely Regional Center and cronies from other agencies will then step in and say, oops, it looks like this isn’t working, maybe the family should place their child in one of our lovely group homes, where they’ll be left behind a door again to beat themselves, or even better, end up in a State Institution like Fairview, where they’ll be murdered and the case we be covered up and then we’ll finally be rid of this “problem case” Or as San Diego Regional Center calls some cases, "all consuming cases," as if they forgot what their job is. Read investigative news regarding deaths of disabled. 
  • So, we spend time with each nurse that comes into our home. We help them understand our son, Jamey. They are aware of pro-active and acute medical and behavioral interventions that help, which is why I want to vomit each time I see clips of the sadistic caregivers caught on tape abusing my son, while doing little to nothing to comfort or provide care to him. They knew what to do and didn't do it. They abused Jamey instead. It's just one huge disappointment from the group home injury to fighting for home health nursing to San Diego Regional Center being a fragmented funding, ambiguous language written into agreements, and not enough nurses mess
  • I am so, so tired of explaining our complex situation to disconnected individuals that sniff around with ignorant questions. They have no clue what we've been through. It's been hell. 
  • Even more frustrating, is even people inside Regional Center seem NOT to understand how our son's nursing care is billed, supplied, provided or funded. 

  • Do California's 21 Regional Centers really retaliate against parents when they ask for services? Yes, sometimes they do. SEE ABOVE as well.

    Collective ignorance of state officials with no experience in these matters, and who rely on some of the  fast-talking, fake employees working in these regional centers, has not helped the autistic population get services and supports they need to remain in the least restrictive setting. I applaud the Regional Center employees who do care about the clients. They should be promoted. The top level employees who are nothing but useless people who have found a place to hide, need to find another profession. They aren't helping the disabled.

    "I have been in this industry for over 20 years and not once would you ever find me associated with any agency. The reason being is no matter how much money the families pay for the care of their loved one, no matter how clean and well run the facility appears you will never escape the employees and agencies they seem to attract. (we could if we had a Gordon Ramsey of nursing care to kick some a%) Basically, they are there for the paycheck and more interested in how this job will serve them verses how well they can service the client," How do you change this? It starts with BETTER TRAINING and motivational modeling in schools that train California RNs, LVNs and CNAs.

    Read more: http://www.wptv.com/dpp/news/local_news/investigations/home-health-agencies-flagged-for-problems#ixzz2F9eNfsyq

    Seek good, not evil, that you may live. Then the Lord God will be with you..hate evil, love good: maintain JUSTICE in the courts." Amos 5:14-15 
    Where is the JUSTICE for California's Developmentally Disabled? WHEN will God rip the cover off this CORRUPT and disgusting system.

    I recall being at one of my son's administrative hearings at San Diego Regional Center, where I was advocating, once again, for his rights to services and supports, when the dull normal Assistant Chief of Case Management, Nina Garrett, marrired to the Executive Director of San Diego Regional Center, Carlos Flores, blurted out, "Kim asks the nurses to take out the garbage." As if that were a bad thing....Uh, yep, I do ask them to take out the garbage because it's part of infection control you moron.....Immediately, it dawned upon us that this woman was disgustingly disconnected from the realities of serving developmentally disabled children and adults than we could ever imagine. 

  • Clearly, a woman like Nina Garrett, wife of Executive Director of San Diego, Carlos Flores, has no insight or expertise into the world of caring for persons with severe autism. Trying not vomit, we had to remind this low level thinking cubicle dwelling fake, that the REASON we ask nurses, or nurses to take out the garbage, is so our autistic son's room doesn't smell like URINE from soiled diapers, DUH... and if you leave a dirty diaper in the room it contaminates the AIR.                          
  • Despite bringing this to Nina Garrett's attention, it still escaped her as she slowly slithered deeper into her hunched position, as if she had just learned something too simple for her complex callous disregard. To think such an ignorant person such as Garrett remains working in a top level position, inside an agency that supposedly serves vulnerable disabled populations, is baffling, mindblowing and disgusting, to say the least. 
  • People who have children with mild to moderate needs often don't incur the wrath of SDRC. So long as your child doesn't require much, they will try to help. God forbid your child is severe or complex. They will fight you for everything you ask to meet their unique and complex needs. 
LETTERS I'VE had to write to disconnected dipshits at SDRC:

In 2014, when a new LVN went to get "vendored" by SDRC's clinical services, the RN told the LVN we were a "special case" and rolled her eyes. She then told LVN not to "leave any nursing notes" behind....I can only take so much chronic ignorance and reckless disregard for our son, so this was my letter to the RN at SDRC...

Dear Jamie Wei, RN

Please cease and desist telling SDRC vendored LVNs that they are to "take
home their nursing notes". This places our son's health and safety at risk.

Let me remind you, Jamie, that our son, James, is severely-autistic and has
serious medical issues that must be followed, monitored, documented and
analyzed on a daily basis. What kind of RN doesn't understand this basic
reality? Only an RN who has been sitting in a cubicle for years and hasn't
worked directly with a patient. You've been an RN since 1993. How long has
it been since you've even written a nursing note while taking care of a
patient? And have you EVER taken care of a patient like my son? Keep your
ignorant statements and suggestions to yourself.

Recall patient care and safety can't be properly monitored when there are no
notes around to read to see HOW THE PATIENT, ie..my son, IS PROGRESSING and
what is GOING ON IN THEIR LIVES, as in HOW many seizures my son had in a
week... HOW many times did he VOID today or yesterday or last week? Over
the month? etc....

This can't be MONITORED effectively when there are NO f&^%% nursing notes
left behind. Your ignorance, "Jamie" as an RN, especially a public health
nurse, makes me sick to my stomach. The next continuing education class you
take should be in nursing ethics and patient safety.

You are a dangerous RN to be advising anyone on what to do regarding my
son's nursing care if you are telling them to remove nursing notes, which

Keep you ignorance and bias and compromised mindset to yourself Jamie and
just do your job which isn't much to ask, since you don't do much anyway.
Thanks. Happy Friday.

Kim Oakley

Dear Ron,

Several months ago I requested that my son's service coordinator, GB, REMOVE the part in the IPP where you or/and Nina Garrett, inserted
that "James wants his mother to do her *** hours."

I have never received a response from anybody at SDRC regarding correcting
this very odd insertion. As you all know at SDRC, James doesn't talk, and
is a highly complex individual, so it's ABSURD that you Ron, an attorney,
who has never met James, or Nina Garrett, a case manager who has never met
James, tried to speak for James in his IPP, as to what he wants me, his
mother, to do. The arrogance of this is just unreal. Please get on
correcting this right away and remove this passive aggressive statement
that has no place in my son's IPP.

I also want added to the IPP that my son wants SDRC to fund the level of
nursing care his doctor's say he needs at home, in the least restrictive

Thanks so much, Happy New Year.

Kim Oakley

To Center of Medicaid personnel, in charge of HCBS federal waiver.

Hi ******,

Since my son has been released from hospital, with NO help from Regional Center I might add, Nina Garrett has instructed D*** T*** and G*** B*** to call each of my son's nurses and threaten them that if they work overlapping shifts they won't be paid, despite the funding already in place and no regulation restricting care. It's hard to keep up with the constant attempts from San Diego Regional Center to sabotage our son's in home nursing care. While our son was in hospital, we found evidence Regional Center tried to place him in a group home behind our backs because one of SDRC's staff, Lori Sorensen, refers to his case as the "all consuming case." In short, it makes them have to work hard. I guess they think it would be easier to dump him in a group home. So sad. This is not why the DD waiver exists. It's here to help keep people in the least restrictive setting. Thank you for any help you can give. We just want to live in peace with the services and supports we've advocated for, and to which a judge has ordered. It is truly disturbing to see some people at Regional Center work so hard to work against us keeping our son safely at home.

Kim Oakley